“Cookie Dough” Nut Butter

I want to introduce you to someone.


Someone very special in our lives.


This is what we serve you if we really, really love you.


This is a nut butter recipe that I adapted from Carrie Vitt’s The Grain Free Family Table.

She uses pecans for her sweet, dreamy nut butter, but Daniel and I found that the results with walnuts were more pleasing to our palates. We also decreased the amount of coconut oil, a little bit. Once you taste how creamy and rich this is, you won’t be able to believe it! I never thought to add this much fat to already fatty nut butter before, but now I will never go back. Thank you, Carrie!!!!

We LOVE using soaked and dehydrated nuts for just about anything, but this: this is new ground.

Please eat this chilled, right out of the fridge, with a GIANT spoon. If you go back for thirds, know you’re in good company.

“Cookie Dough” Nut Butter

2½ cups soaked and dehydrated walnuts

2/3 cup virgin coconut oil, or refined coconut oil that was refined responsibly (Nutiva)

¼ cup local raw honey (can be reduced to 2 Tbsp., if you are sugar sensitive)

1 tsp. Celtic sea salt (you can use 3/4 tsp. if it is too salty for your taste)

½ tsp. homemade vanilla extract

Blend nuts in a food processor until they form a paste. Add the coconut oil and blend well, scraping the sides of the food processor with a spatula, afterward. Add honey, salt, and vanilla, and combine until everything is blended, and it is gorgeously smooth and light in color. Pour into a jar (it will be liquid!) and refrigerate. Scoop out in cold spoonfuls so that your dreams can become reality.



I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or health professional of any kind. This blog and this blog post is not meant to diagnose, treat, or recommend treatment for medical conditions of any kind. Please ask a doctor or a professional before making lifestyle or diet changes.

Copyright 2016 by Celeste Lightsey


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