When I moved to Dallas in the summer of 2014, I was a vegetarian.

Among other things…

I was also a teacher for the first time,


I was also a new wife.


When we moved to Dallas, Daniel and I were major homebodies.

We had no friends.

We were homesick.

I had a lot of spare time, while he was in school.

And so…

I started to read blogs (I’ve always been food-obsessed, so these were food blogs).

I started off with the Nourished Kitchen. Listening to Jenny McGruther talk about “Election Cake,” Einkorn flour, and herb-smothered roast chickens made my spirit quiver a little bit.

What she talked about was beautiful. The idea of nourishing your family, and using the kinds of foods God gave us in the beginning to do it? Positively sacred.

I started making bone broth and cooking meat for us practically immediately.

By the fall of 2014, I was NOT a vegetarian.

I started poring over Nourishing Traditions and The Heal Your Gut Cookbook. The passion from those books fueled a deep-rooted one of my own, one I had realized but had not been able to put into words.

I want for Daniel and me to thrive in this life. I want for us to enjoy every bite, every ounce of good health, and have the zeal to walk out this path God’s planned for us.

Finding the traditional food movement allowed me to see an entire system of eating, preparing, and relating to food stretched out before me like a landscape. The format was already in place, the nutrition well-researched, and all I had to do was take up my own level of responsibility and jump in.

By responsibility, I mean this:

I am in charge of procuring the best produce, buying the best meat, and even finding the finest farms in our area. It’s up to me to cover all of our our bases, nutritionally. I can’t trust a grocery store, a factory, or a government-run agency to do it for me. I also don’t have unlimited funds, so it’s hard work to get real food on our budget. However, this is the kind of work that I love.

The traditional eating and the slow food movements have opened my eyes to a deliberate and enjoyable way to eat. The foods that I’m eating keep me full, satisfied, and at peace with what I am doing for my body. As someone who has recovered from past eating disorders, this is the biggest gift that anyone could give me. To have a joyous, healthy relationship with food is a blessed, blessed thing for me!

Since the fall of 2014, I have been enjoying every sumptuous bite and loving how I feel afterwards.


So, that’s it…

I am Celeste Lightsey. I am a firm believer in butter on toast, meat on the bone, and all things old, traditional, and time-honored. I am in love with my husband, excited for the future, and finally…

I’m happy to meet all of you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my work!


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